Or perhaps none of them. I think the great news is, though, the aversion appears to be dissipating, which I believe is a good thing. It appears like it is somewhat “acceptable” now for girls to have pubic hair, but then again, maybe I am biased because I exist in a small pocket bubble of the web (possibly similar to a naturist being surrounded by like-minded folks) where it is acceptable.

Right. I am not opposed to body hair or having it all shaved offultimately, it is a personal taste, and frequently one that I choose to approach differently depending on http://nudismphotos.net/posts/i-took-my-clothes-off-once-naked/ ! Going back a bit, I’m curious if there’s been differences in reactions from girls and men to your blog?
BtoB: Not a significant difference, I do not think. I ‘d say the bulk of my following is female but I don’t have any real means to analyze or establish that. I get emails from both parties and they appear to be shockingly similar.
I believe men deal with lots of these matters too, either from a different approach or an alternate point of view but similar things still.
So there is lots of marked contrasts then.
BtoB: I think with the net you consistently get more contrast. The people who do not actually have an opinion just scroll past it with no opinion, it’s the ones who desire to either commend you or yell at you who take the time to compose.
As such, a lot of effort is put into dividing nudity from sexuality, which makes sense. When I visit a naturist club or plage with my family, the last thing I need to see is sexual activity. But sometimes, I believe that we attempt a little too challenging to disconnect the two and demonize sexuality. I was really interested by your answercan you discuss that a bit more and how sexuality plays a part in body acceptance, or being frank with your body?
BtoB: Yeah!
I totally get what you are saying about almost demonizing sexuality and separating nudity from it completely.
Sexuality is such a complex issue, there is no way I could hope to truly know and understand it, but in my own experience it IS tied in to nudity even if we want to fake it’s not. There is a susceptibility that occurs when you’re nude that is so different than when you are in garments that it’s natural to have different feelings when you’re nude or looking at someone nude.
I guess I do not think that sexuality is evil. I do not think nudity is bad. I don’t think that combining the two of them is evil. If someone uses my pictures or my body to masturbate to, good for them! They know what they enjoy and they pleasured http://nudists-young.org/contri/they-have-been-the-only-nudists-i-have-ever-met-personally/ and can go back to whatever life they are living.
I find no harm in that. I think that nudity does not HAVE to be sexual, and I’ve been in situations where it definitely is not, but I don’t believe it needs to be completely removed from sexual feelings either.
And I suppose I should clarify – those e-mails are not some of my favorites because they’re apologizing to me, but rather because they’re only such fair reports of a confused person and it’s incredibly endearing and somehow flattering.
That was really my next question.
BtoB: Absoluely. There are folks in my personal life who I can take a naked bath in front of and it’s entirely nonsexual (for me, anyway) and then there are folks who I feel sexually charged around only when I take off my jacket.
And needless to say, aim is part of that as well. One of the questions you get from many wouldbe naturists is if seeing people bare might relieve want. It definitely takes away a sexual cause and compels you to rethink sexuality, but I believe in a positive way. Envision what effect that would have on advertisers!
One of my favourite posts is when you remark about your period being a chance to reflect on what other “private pain” others are enduring. It seems that in many ways, this project has provided you a chance to gain empathy. I am also reminded of two other posts, your comments on Kasey Edwards letter and Charlotte Roche’s book Wetlands.