A Youthful Cheerleader And Her Body Image Battles

(Guest Blog by a girl who wishes to stay anonymous)

Body Image Guest Site by a Young Cheerleader:
Young Cheerleader Struggles With Body Image – Most people think the only ones with body issues are people who are either grossly heavy or anorexic. Let me be the first to tell you: that could not be further from the truth. As someone who has been involved in sports from the age of 8, I ‘ve always been conscious of my need to stay slender. As an adult, I’m still haunted by the voices from my past that continue to drive that point home.
My first negative encounter in relation to my weight came during my first year as a cheerleader. I was a “flyer” – the individual which is lifted / propelled into a stunt. During one of these stuns, my bases made a remark about how significant I was. Up until http://nudismsite.com/tube/soak-up-some-rays-nude-of-course/ , I ‘d never heard any negative messages related to the way I looked. I was young at the time so it didn’t register with me that those girls were potentially exaggerating, or maybe even simply whining. All I understood, from that stage on, was that I was heavy – FAT! I never forgot those words. From that day on, I became extremely sensitive about what other people thought or said about my body.
Cheerleader And Her Body Image
Puberty was maybe the worst experience of my life. As a young woman’s body starts to change shape, natural nudism start to feel a sense of insecurity. No longer was I simply “The Short Skinny Lady Who Weighed More Than She Should”. I was now also “The Short Skinny Girl with Big Boobs”. Originally, I only felt the need to remain fit; but with Mother Nature’s help, I now felt the need to keep my breasts and body covered.
It wasn’t until I became a dancer that I began to realize that there was certainly nothing wrong with me. My dancing instructor explained in my experience that she once suffered from an eating disorder while in dance school. She explained how individuals do not always factor in someone’s muscle mass when they evaluate their weight and that she suffered as a result. I instantly identified with what she was saying. I felt a feeling of relief knowing that there was a legitimate reason for my weight: I just had a lot of muscle mass.
Despite the fact that I will never forget the experiences of my past, I am mindful of my own power over them. I am going to likely always strive to stay thin, but no longer is it simply for its own benefit. I do want to be thin, but I want to be healthy and happy first.
Maybe the nudists with this world have a better and healthier attitude towards body image. I see that most naturists are considerably more accepting of their own body. I hope that they are as accepting of those around them. I for one, feel that nudism, as a movement could educate us none nudists a lot!
Keep up the good work! Body Image is a big issue and I expect that one day we could all see people for who they are, not what they look like.
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