My Coming at Sauna Cezar Naturist Resort Poland

Naturist Resort Poland – There was no indication for the Polish nudist resort Sauna Cezar.
Arriving at the gate I waved politely into the camera. When the gate started to roll back I waved again. As I drove towards the house I just noticed the driveway heading down to the right. This as I learned later was the road to the guest house and the trailer. I parked in front of the garage. Peter, the guy whom I ‘d talked to on the phone, came out through the front door. He was a tall Dutchman whose Polish I stressed to understand. I asked him if he spoke English. He said it was just as awful as his Polish.
Sauna Cezar – Naturist Resort Poland
Peter took me inside. We passed by a staircase to the right and walked down to the doorway at the opposite end of the hall. This resulted in an extended hallway set perpendicular to the first. He led me to the right and showed me two locker rooms. Certainly one of them had an vertical tanning booth. The other a couch. Peter walked into the room with the couch and pushed back a mirrored panel to show a wall of lockers. opened one up for me. Then he led me in the other direction, past other doorways, turned the corner, showed me the sauna and the frigidarium, headed down a fresh hall to a spiral staircase which led up to the pool, the jacuzzi and the solarium.
I marveled at everything – particularly the mosaics – discussing my thoughts with Peter as I followed him back downstairs and back through the door that led back to the hallway with the stairs now to the left. Peter went up the stairs and I absentmindedly started following him upward. He stopped, shook his head and pointed back to the door. ” try the sauna, yes?” I realized I was trespassing into the residential part of the building. I nodded my head and went back down the stairs. This is after all a family business. Family boundaries are to be respected. I listened as Peter started climbing up the stairs calling, “Gosia, Gosia.”

I was left on my own. I visited the locker room and started to undress. I was nude when realized I hadn’t brought a towel. Seeing no towels on display I set my pants on and attempted to head back to the automobile. I got lost. All the doors seemed the same. One opened up into a massage parlor. Another revealed the boiler room. I located a toilet at some point but unfortunately I didn’t have to use it. I ‘d find yourself hunting through the doors again later with just a vague memory that there was truly a bathroom somewhere in this dungeonous tunnel.
I mentioned it was a pity that there were not any directions posted for individuals who aren’t comfortable with naturist sauna technique. I was assured that there were indeed instructions posted and was asked how it was possible that I ‘d missed it. I was led out of the sauna and shown a small framed chain of cartoons depicting short, round creatures with hairy backs alternately showering and entering the sauna or pool. I laughed. This is not something any American could ever consider to be in the smallest sense informative. It is a cartoon. Americans laugh at cartoons. They do not learn from them.
Americans in Europe, beware the cartoon. It might be the only hint you are going to get.
Sauna Cezar Naturist Nudist Resort Poland
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